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Mar 26, 2018

Kopenhagen Fur ensures sustainability with D365


It is the IT department's job to support the rest of the company through technology. This is emphasized by the VP IT at Kopenhagen Fur, a company that has chosen a cloud-based solution to create agility and transform big data into greater sustainability.


In China, Kopenhagen Fur’s customers are extremely satisfied with their mink skins from Denmark. So satisfied, that more than 95% of Danish skins are sold to a Chinese customer, where the skins are processed and then sold as finished fur in Asia, Europe and North America.

Over the past 18 months, Kopenhagen Fur has been on what VP IT at Kopenhagen Fur, Mikael Kragh, describes as a journey: A journey where a new 2020 corporate strategy has taken shape and is now ready to be rolled out. The IT head of the world-renowned Danish fur company has his own precise explanation of what his department's role will be if the new strategy is to get off to a good start.

“The IT department's most important goal is to support the rest of the company through technology. At the same time, we need to maintain focus on our company’s priorities; which are customers, breeders, consumers, employees, efficiency, sustainability, innovation and digitalization. For example, when it comes to sustainability in my department, I put all my efforts into ensuring transparency in our business processes so that a customer can take any skin out of a pile of skins sold and shipped from Kopenhagen Fur, and know which farm it comes from. We are not there yet, but we are well on the way”, explains Mikael Kragh.

A standard solution

Kopenhagen Fur has chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) because Microsoft ERP is already a familiar tool in the company. This makes it easier to implement. A standard solution has been chosen – with one or two adjustments to suit the special needs of Kopenhagen Fur.

“With D365 in cloud, we have the opportunity for continual implementation of innovative solutions and being at the forefront of developing new ways of cooperation with our stakeholders. We have a great deal of focus on digital innovation, so this is important for us. A standard solution is what we want; so we can always keep pace with Microsoft's latest implementations”, says Mikael Kragh.

Support for breeders

He explains that Kopenhagen Fur is highly focused on supporting Danish mink breeders on their journey into the market of the future, and this means that many of the machines used in agriculture are IoT-ready. Feeding machines, ventilation and slurry systems are just some of the equipment that can work together in the future with the data that Kopenhagen Fur has in its ERP and CRM systems. All this data can be used for analysis.

“By putting all the pieces of our knowledge together, we can really do many things in a much smarter way and get all of our processes to interact more efficiently. This is something I am really looking forward to”, says Mikael Kragh, giving a good example:

“Right now, we are looking at how to use Portal for Dynamics as a standard component. It will help us to develop our business through digital services and new forms of collaboration. These will help to attract and retain both breeders and customers.”

SCALES has put us to the test

Together with SCALES – an NNIT Group company – Kopenhagen Fur has reviewed all existing processes in great detail to assess where changes were needed. This has taken place at several design workshops, with more than 45 people from Kopenhagen Fur uncovering all the minute details of the processes.

“They have really put us to the test and have shown us how things could be in D365. It has certainly been a worthwhile process. It's a journey that I started, and it needed the full backing of both the board and management group – which they fortunately gave. Now, our Change Management team can work on rolling out the new solutions together with us in IT, and all managers have received a communication kit that they are committed to using at their meetings. We are also in the process of setting up a superuser organization. I have high hopes for that. With the continuing spring/fall updates to the systems, we need people to pass on their expertise. It is definitely the right way to do things,” explains the IT head of Copenhagen Fur.

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