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Jun 19, 2018

When digital transformation changes the market: Disrupt or be disrupted


Are you ready to disrupt, or at risk of being disrupted? Stay in control by staying agile with cloud-based, intelligent business applications.


The rapid advances in technology have led to constant changes for traditional industries and well-established companies. New players change the rule of the game, they bypass parts of the supply chain, and competition is moving across industries, putting markets in a constant state of change.

Disruption has become the new normal, and emphasizes the need to adopt an agile approach to the market and your business by optimizing business processes to strengthen your organization and its adaptability.

Innovate your organization, your product or your market

Cloud-based business solutions make IT maintenance obsolete and free capacity to innovate your own business, create new business models as well as harness and develop new products or services. Utilizing your business intelligence into customers, market and products, enables you to identify new possibilities and even disrupt your own market.

Become an agile organization with the right business solution

Cloud-based, intelligent business applications provide the agility you need – not only as a guard against being disrupted, but also as a catalyst for digital transformation.

  • Make use of your data: Unifying CRM and ERP capabilities into a cloud-based, agile business platform provides organizations with a constant big data overview and usage. Insights into the customers across the value chain helps organizations meet the changing needs of their customers and capture new business opportunities by better engaging customers, empowering employees, optimizing operations, and reinventing products and business models.
  • Design and scale your own solution: You can also implement or develop new, scalable business applications to suit changing market conditions as necessary. In other words, you can scale your cloud-solution to suit the needs of today, and then adapt them for the needs of tomorrow.
  • Release your IT resources: With a cloud-based business application, you can release the organization’s resources by moving large areas of operation from your own IT department to your cloud-service supplier. When IT no longer needs to worry about server capacity, system updates and maintenance, they will have a far greater opportunity to support the business in its innovation efforts, and to create new business models and products. Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) is the new generation of cloud-based, intelligent business platforms.

Dynamics 365-features

  • Scale your solution continuously; begin with the basics and develop at your own speed
  • Strengthen productivity by giving your employees the best tools and optimizing business processes
  • Gain more insight into the use of your organizational big data with the solution’s built-in business intelligence
  • Implement or develop new, scalable business applications, so you can adapt to new market conditions.

Learn how an agile business solution can make your company ready for change

Book a meeting with Hasse Bergmann, CEO at SCALES – an NNIT Group company – and find out how you can strengthen your company with cloud-based D365. SCALES is the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in the Nordics, and is in the top 1 % of global Microsoft partners.

Hasse Bergmann, CEO
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