BI & Analytics

Get valuable insight into your Dynamics 365 data within days using Microsoft Business Intelligence capabilities. Easen the burden on IT staff and maintain proper reporting governance.

AX Insight

Minimizing ‘Time-to-insight’ in all processes of an organization makes all employees confident decision-makers. Thereby your business will better understand customers, products, market potential, and stay responsive to changing market conditions.


AX Analytics


Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 contains the core of your enterprise data, and all important decisions in your company will includes some of this data. Therefore it is key that Dynamics data is accessible, explorable, documented, and available in the right user context without delay.

SCALES makes this possible, because we power our Insight solutions with pre-built capabilities of Dynamics AX/Dynamics 365, delivering data right in front of your decision makers in a matter of days. The solutions comes with a complete analysis environment, cubes, standard reporting, exploration and visualization capabilities, saving you time and money.

Furthermore the data is extracted by BIBuilder4AX™, SCALES unique, intelligent back-end tool. BIBuilder4AX™ that reuses the logic from Dynamics AX/Dynamics 365 data model, saving you up to 75% of cost compared to common standard Dynamics ‘adapters’.


By using the Scales AX Insight solution, you avoid the technology pitfalls and unpleasant surprises that can hit a business intelligence initiative. Instead of expensive and time-consuming maintenance of standard-reporting or data flows, you will spend your time working with data and adding value to your business.


Download whitepaper: Unleash the power of self-service reporting on your Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 deployment

SCALES AX Insight solution consists of

Analytics for AX2012 or The New Dynamics 365

Get rapid, agile and automated analytics with a choice between 15 standard analytics cubes, address the reporting, analysis and data exploration needs within the major functional areas of Dynamics 365. This includes finance, supply chain, project management, sales, human capital management and much more. Delivered wihin days on-premise or in the cloud. Viewable in MS PowerBI or any other market leading analytics tool you may have, on any device.


BIBuilder4AX for AX2012 or The New Dynamics 365

Save back-end cost and make your solution sustainable and CFO-ready by adding our unique and inexpensive AX business logic tool, BIBuilder4AX. It is based on many years of experience with the highly complex enterprise data model of Dynamics 365, and opens up your data for self-service BI without compromising security.