You will get addicted to working with the best.

Employees at SCALES are among the very best in the market

SCALES considers employees with the right skill set and experience to be the cornerstone of the entire business. To be able to attract, retain and further develop consultants with the right competencies is seen as crucial for the success of SCALES and our customers.


We believe it takes years of experience apart from outstanding skills within the areas of solution knowledge, business understanding, cooperation, service, methodology, professionalism and quality to be able to deliver consultancy on a high level, which is the key business of SCALES. A proven record of success in doing this is an indisputable requirement to be employed as a consultant at SCALES, and all employees at SCALES have many years of experience within the different product areas combined with exceptional consultancy and/or programming skills.


All employees have been qualified and selected according to both professional skills and personality. In turn a career at SCALES offers the opportunity to work with many of the very best consultants in the field with focus on delivering the very best solutions and highest possible value to our customers through close cooperation and state of the art methodology. Continuous development of skills means that all employees constantly have upgraded skills to work with the newest version and solutions in Dynamics 365.


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Career opportunity with SCALES

SCALES provides the best and most dynamic environment to progress in your professional career; If you are among the best in your field, we offer you the chance to become a valued member of a successful and proactive company and to utilize you acquired skills in an environment which promotes fast progression. With a constant high growth since the foundation of SCALES we are continuously looking for highly skilled and experienced employees in Denmark and Norway.


If you can identify yourself with the characteristics of SCALES employees and want the chance to work in a highly professional environment with the very best colleagues and customer relations please do not hesitate to contact us.


SCALES is truly unique by only employing the very best.