The Clients are our True North


Clients focus is indisputable. No matter the size of the effort, the project must be delivered with the highest quality and adhere to the golden triangle of “Scope, Time and Economy”. SCALES' core values of Commitment, Honesty and Efficiency provide the foundation for the navigation pane in all projects.


SCALES serves a large variety of clients, spanning from local, single-site businesses to world leading global organizations with multi-year ERP programmes.  Long-term client relationships are key to the mutual benefit of working together – SCALES has a large fraction of customers with whom we have cooperated for more than 10 years. To be able to maintain such a constant focus on the Customer, the every-day mantra for achieving short- and long-term success is Transparency, Empowerment and Collaboration.


Through a transparent, open and honest communication and direct access to the executive leadership, mutual goals and efforts are aligned. Using a very collaborative approach in all our projects, the combined team from the customer and SCALES is achieving a synergetic approach never seen before in complex ERP projects. By empowering both the individual and the collaborative teams, we encourage end-to-end ownership, accountability, recognition and entrepreneurial execution.


Through our proven and unbroken record of accomplishment we are able to state: If you are willing to take on some of the best people in the market – if you value honesty, critical and constructive dialogue and new ways of obtaining implementation success – and if you prioritize efficient value-for-money cooperation with your vendor – then you will feel at home with SCALES.