Human resource management

Core human resource management tools can be easily used to capture and maintain employee personal data.

Human resource management (HRM) for Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 HRM offers a complete suite of tools that will enable and assist the HR department to easy and efficiently execute and run the daily operations within the HR domain.

Core human resource management tools can be easily used to capture and maintain employee personal data such as:

In addition an extensive amount of information about the employee can be stored on the employee card within Dynamics 365 HRM.


Strategic tools helps and facilitates the HR department to better support organizational needs within areas such as:


The standard recruitment features helps you to control and automates many of the tasks involved in a recruitment process. Integration to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word helps keeping track of communications with applicants and planning and booking of interviews can easily be transferred to Microsoft Outlook.


Managers can through the Manager self service portal take an active part in the prescreening process of applicants, thus ensuring that the right/desired candidates are selected for interviews and possible employment. Job openings can be posted both internally on the intranet site, as well as externally.

Absence management

Absence management helps your organization to monitor and keep track of employee absence, ability to identify trends in absenteeism. Various rules can be applied to absence rule types, these rules can help the HR department to be proactive with assistance to managers and employees. This to be able to reduce absence and the ability to find root causes for the absence, and thereby being able to mitigate these causes.

Competence management

Competence management helps your organization to create, keep and maintain a catalogue of skills and skill levels that are required in order for your organization to run its operations efficiently.


Various tools helps to identify skill gaps between the employee’s skillset and skill levels compared to those required by the assigned job. Thus, development plans can be initiated to rectify the identified gaps. The tool can also be used in the recruitment process, this to ensure that there is a good match between the job requirements and the candidate’s skillsets. Other tools help to search out employees within the organization who have desired skills or educational degrees that are currently in demand or are a future need within the organization.

Organization management

Organization management enables you to construct your organizational hierarchies. These can be the formal line and staff organization types, matrix organizations or project structures. Organization management helps you to keep track of organizational changes within your business.


The organization information is complete with affiliation history, where historical changes are tracked. The organization hierarchies are presented through a graphical interface that shows its reporting lines. The Job-Position profile helps the company to have a clear scope for each job within the organization. The job profile keeps track of the job description, job tasks, area of responsibilities, skills, needed education and certification requirements. This provides the complete picture of competencies that applicants must have in order to fill in any vacant position within the company.

Compensation management

Compensation management can help the company to reward its employees with competitive salaries and variable compensation awards such as; cash awards, stock awards, stock option awards etc. The compensation module also has an extensive pay for performance capabilities based on employee and or organization performance.

Course administration

Course administration enables the HR department to respond to various training needs within the organization and create and administrate courses to accommodate the identified training needs.


Completed courses are upon completion transferred to the employee’s summary, surveys and tests can be associated with the course. Employees can be enrolled into courses by the HR function or through the self service area where the employees themselves can sign up for open courses.

Benefits administration

Benefits administration allows the HR department to create various benefit plans such as Health insurance, Dental plans etc. Benefit plans can also allow for depended coverage. The HR department can create enrollment rules and mass enroll employees into benefit plans based on the created rules.


Employee Performance and development enables appraisal interviews with employees. Integrating Microsoft Outlook into the appraisal planning allows you to book your meetings directly in the attendees Outlook calendar. Goal management enables the employee or manager to create development goals, business goals or career goals. These goals can be included in the appraisal interview and influence the outcome for Pay for performance, if the Compensation module is used.

Loan administration

Loan administration enables the company to keep track of items lent to its employees during the employment, loan items can be mobile phones, lap tops, access cards, keys etc.


The questionnaire module enables the company to create surveys, various test, 360° surveys and various tools ensures that analysis of the responses can be made.

Employee self service and Manager self service

The self service sites enable managers and employees to view and maintain information about themselves. Information such as personal contacts, addresses, summaries etc.


Employees can through the self service site record requests for absence, record absence, create performance objectives, submit travel expenses, sign up for open courses, apply for vacant positions, and in addition to the employee self service options, the Managers can access and view and maintain information for all their direct report employees, participate actively in recruitment projects, review employee performance goals, plan appraisal interviews etc.