Dynamics 365 reflects the Microsoft commitment to deliver the width and depth of Microsoft innovation to manufacturers.


Industry functionality for Manufacturing


Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX encompasses support for all major key processes from a supply chain point of view; from the customer delivery and invoicing and upstream to the production/assembly to procurement and supplier management all through comprehensive inventory management and accounting and quality assessment and –control.


Traditional Challenges: Manufacturing is a mature industry, so today’s leaders are facing some of the same challenges that their predecessors have encountered over the years. These include:

Cost pressures: As companies compete in a global market, they are under constant pressure to reduce end-item manufacturing costs as well as plant operating costs. This requires streamlining processes and increasing production efficiency. There is a continued need for insight into cost drivers of the operations.


Time to market: Getting products to market faster than your competition gives you a competitive advantage. Reduction in product life cycles caused by technology innovation and changes in consumer behavior force organization to focus on reducing time-to-market of products. This requires a good insight into and grip operations.


Product quality: It is no longer acceptable to deliver defective products. Not only does it damage your reputation but warranty and liability costs can quickly escalate to eliminate all profits.


Inventory visibility: The risks thus costs of inventory are on the rise due to increasing product assortments, shorter product life cycles, and the importance of a healthy cashflow. The visibility into inventory across distributed organizations remains a challenge and continues to challenge the organization’s grip on inventory.


A world-class software solution should help manufacturers address these traditional challenges - but it needs to do more: it must also help them identify and respond to recently emerging challenges. SCALES considers ERP as a strategic tool through which companies can obtain competitive advantages and support for fast adaption to rapidly changing conditions. The answer to this is Microsoft Dynamics AX; Now globalization of supply chains and increasing customer demand for innovation and low cost, growing environmental and social awareness, and the need for instant operational insight are adding new opportunities, as well as challenges. Dynamics 365 helps manufacturers meet these opportunities and challenges with a powerful ERP solution that is purposely built for manufacturing organizations.

Manufacturing key business process: Uniquely Role-Driven

Functionality and security configuration in Dynamics 365 are process-oriented and built upon a role-tailored approach. Every business process is mapped into a process cycle of one or more (typical) sub-processes, which results in a unique role-driven system setup and –use offering option for natural segregation of different main processes into sub-processes aligned with the different organizational roles of the business.

Success: To adapt to ever changing business environment and preserving efficiency in manufacturing is the key!

SCALES believes that keeping up with the ever changing business requirements and –environments in most industries today requires an Agile and powerful platform that can easily be adapted to changing needs in the business and supply chain. This is exactly what is offered within the integrated business capabilities in Dynamics 365.


The ability to adapt to new/changed business processes as well as the flexibility to scale the ERP solution that must support such changes are some of the core capabilities of Dynamics 365.


Dynamics 365 comes with a numerous out-of-box roles tailored for the manufacturing processes. For example:


Functionality includes:

Benefits Include: