Generate faster results, gain immediate insight into the value, increase the flexibility of the implementation and improve progress monitoring.


Implementing Dynamics 365 step by step adopting Microsoft sure step™ for agile projects


When choosing SCALES as your Dynamics 365 implementation partner you will, besides working with the best Dynamics 365 consultants in the market, also benefit from the SCALES Agile Project Implementation Methodology. SCALES uses this method when implementing Dynamics 365 solutions. The frame­work is based on the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology, which is a full life cycle methodology that encompasses all phases of a customer engagement.


The SCALES methodology combines the strength of the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step framework with 1000+ years of practical experience from the SCALES employees. The methodology is a hybrid between Microsoft Dynamics Sure Steps Agile and Enterprise variants. This satisfies the need for an agile, iterative development approach, but still with a appropriate level of documentation and support for enterprise customers.


The result is a method that adds value to the project implementation but at the same time is easy to comprehend and use for all project members. The SCALES methodology offers guidance, tools, templates, and "best practice", and describes a phase model including activities and deliverables. Ongoing “tuning” of the method ensures the most recent experience is included for the benefit of the SCALES customers.


What is Agile?

Agile software development takes the design, development and test phases and instead of three big phases, the phases are split into smaller time boxed periods called Sprints. This Agile method is also a shift towards collaboration between cross-functional teams, evolutionary development, flexible response to changes and centers around delivering working solutions with just enough documentation to get the job done.


Using the SCALES methodology brings you, among others, these benefits:

Faster results


More transparency


Increased flexibility