Dynamics 365 for Retail delivers a complete shopping experience, with a seamless and differentiating solution.


Empowering Dynamic Retailers to deliver the “complete shopping experience”


Today’s retail landscape offers unprecedented opportunities alongside some daunting challenges. Economic factors, the increasing choice in products and shopping formats, and unparalleled access to information are fuelling today’s empowered shoppers, who expect more from their retail experience.


It is also clear that the focus of the retail experience has expanded well beyond the walls of the physical store and now includes everything from the retailer’s website and call center to marketplaces and social networks—connected seamlessly as one experience. In other words, omni-channel retail simply is retail today.


Thriving in this new retail reality means retailers need to be more connected, more empowered, and more proactive than ever before. In a word, they need to be dynamic.

Dynamics 365 for Retail enables retailers to be dynamic

Dynamics 365 for Retail enables retailers of all sizes, all around the world, to be dynamic. It delivers a complete shopping experience, with a seamless and differentiating solution that is more modern, more mobile, and more global. End-to-end capabilities, from point of sale (POS), store operations, merchandising, eCommerce, call center, marketing, and customer care, to supply chain, financials, and more, can be deployed in the way that makes the most sense for your business—targeted to specific needs or for complete business transformation. Retailers gain the insight to operate with agility and to provide the amazing customer experiences that build enduring loyalty. In short, Dynamics 365 for Retail is all about helping retailers become dynamic.

Dynamics 365 for Retail highlights

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