Everything we do in SCALES is consistent with our values ​​- Efficiency - Commitment - Honesty.

Scales Values

Constant and natural use of these three values as means of navigation and measuring stick for all activities - that is in our mind a prerequisite for being the most competitive supplier of Microsoft based solutions. Competency is the foundation and not up for discussion.


Yes - values ​​can be painful to act out, so you should expect tough discussions, painful honesty and a drive to make demands on yourself and your employees. Once you have seen what the effect is, you will never go back again - only forward in the most efficient, honest, and dedicated way.


SCALES provides knowledge, advice and solutions relating to the heart of the company - to compromise on just one of our values ​​can potentially be short-sighted, costly, and impose loss of value.

The three founders of SCALES therefore each give their insight into what each value means to you when you are a customer or an employee at SCALES.


In SCALES, the commitment has many faces - we have a thorough commitment to the product in the solutions we provide but particularly also human relations.

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SCALES will always strive for a very efficient form of cooperation with all customers – both in large projects, when providing daily support, and also in all underlying business cooperation and in the management of the cooperation.

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When you drive a long term business relation within a knowledge based business, you can never compromise honesty. We are acting as consultants, sparring partners, and implementers in areas that demand the utmost respect for honest dialogue on all fronts.

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Our obligation to live by our values is as strong as our obligation to deliver on scope, time and budget.